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July 2013

The Evolution of Social Media Command Centres

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… and why all brands can benefit from a listening post.

Social media has enjoyed the fastest rate of adoption of any media form in human history.  As individuals we consume and produce media amongst one another continuously, but when it comes to social media engagement, most brands and organizations still have the old culture of broadcasting. Over the past few years, companies have joined social media channels in droves, but for many, these new channels are seen as just this, channels – additional outlets for more broadcasted messages.  What companies need is maybe to do less talking, and more listening.

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Bringing the Second Screen to the Main Screen at Events

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Look around you next time you attend an event – conference, music, sporting –  chances are a fair percent of your fellow humans are tweeting, and on Facebook & Instagram … with people not present. With the explosion in the use of social media, the very essence of an event has shifted focus from engaging the people at the event to engaging a much wider audience.  But most of those conversations become fragmented in the ether.

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Cannes Lions – Adobe and the #CannesLions Brand Competition

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The Delegates at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity this year encountered the Grand Audi Theatre with a new perspective, in the form of Social Data – visualized.  Buzz Radar and Adobe partnered with the festival to create the biggest indoor visualizations of social data, using the hashtag, #canneslions. We monitored the most mentioned brands and speakers of the festival as well as the latest tweets and photos tagged with hashtag, #canneslions.  This became the main focus of the delegate’s attention in between the seminars, and our creative visualizations promoted interaction with the attendees of the festival to result in 91,446 total mentions.

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Welcome to the Buzz Radar Blog

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Welcome to the Buzz Radar blog!  If this is your first time visiting our site, we hope you will be creatively inspired with exciting ways to capture, curate and visualize the social media buzzing around the internet about your brand, products, event, and harness it to engage your audiences and learn more from your customers.

If you are an old friend, you will notice a few new things about us:

1.  We are very excited about our new website.

2.  We had an outstanding time @CannesLions working with clients like Clear Channel, Adobe and the event organizers themselves.  Stay tuned for a use case of that event in a future post.

3.  We are accepting sign-ups to help us beta test our new DIY Social Media Command Center allowing Read More