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June 2014

The Big Games: Week Two of the World Cup

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The second week of the World Cup did not disappoint — from the games to social engagement, both proved to grab our attention. The week saw more than 75 million mentions and two million photos, with a reach of 253 billion. So, we have all the highlights on and off the pitch:

Iran played valiantly against Argentina but still couldn’t beat Messi’s left boot. The world was impressed, and the game helped Iran gain more respect for their game. Ghana held a strong German team to a tie, keeping all in the Group of Death alive. But Germany did make waves when Klose tied with Ronaldo in all time World Cup goal record at 15.

As the game came to a close, Mueller suffered a nasty gash to his head, gaining the group the new title of “Group of Gore.”

Group G continued to be an Internet favorite with the USA-Portugal game a huge factor, drawing record US viewing figures for the sport (but not knocking the 115 million viewers that tuned in for the 2014 Super Bowl):

  • 25 million for USA’s 2-2 draw with Portugal – the most ever for a football match in the US.
  • 17.9 million – previous record, for the 1999 Women’s World Cup final.
  • 16 million – for USA’s opening victory against Ghana.
  • 15.5 million – average for this year’s NBA finals.
  • 14.9 million – average for the 2013 baseball World Series.

While the draw proved to make the group more uncertain for all, it definitely provided fodder for many online.

The attention didn’t stay on the Group of Death for long. Mexico’s coach Herrera quickly became the Internet’s darling as the final round of group stage matches took off.

Suarez also broke the Internet with the “bite heard round the world”:

While the world focused on Suarez, Costa Rico pulled the ultimate feat by exiting their group undefeated with a tie against England. On the same day, Colombia put on the ultimate class act by subbing in reserve keeper Mondragon, who is the oldest player to appear at 43 yeas and three days — 20 years after the murder of his friend Escobar.

Meanwhile, the Twittersphere couldn’t resist making lunch lady comparisons after Ecuador’s Noboa got a bit bloodied with a head injury playing France.

Finally, the USA proved they know a thing or two about social by closing out the week by psyching up their country with an excuse note from Klinsmann:

The Power of Storytelling: The Full Cannes Lions 2014 Story

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The 61st Annual Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity was true to it’s name, inspiring more than 18,000 photos and videos, including Vine stories of the winners, and 144k social mentions. The highlighted themes at the festival included storytelling, women in advertising and the Award for Humanitarian Efforts, given to Bono of U2 for his work on AIDS campaigns.

Throughout the course of the week, #OgilvyCannes echoed in everyone’s ears, with a brilliant social campaign, as well as many award wins. During the week, the brand raked up almost 40k mentions online. Twitter’s #LiveStories brought together Sir Patrick Stewart, drone selfie machines and a documentary about their platform that was half-filmed previous to Cannes and contained live interviews at the festival.

The week did not stay in France, reaching over 1.4 billion online. Ogilvy continued to lead the way for brands being talked about, with Twitter in second place. In fact, Ogilvy popped up more than the official account for Cannes Lions followed by @Scullather, @JaredLeto, @NeilTyson and @Red.

The crowds were most captivated by the Film Craft Awards, followed by Product Design. And we must congratulate Ogilvy’s Tham Khai Meng, CCO, the most popular speaker. Bono is second most popular, with Keith Weed and Jared Leto also very popular speakers. Not too surprising, the most RTed tweet showcased Bono:

The importance of getting to the hearts and minds of consumers has never been more present at the festival, and the creatives this year will go home to spread that word about the power of storytelling. We were honored to help showcase the data and social trends coming out of the festival.

More Than a Game: First Week of World Cup 2014

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The world has turned their attention to the World Cup. And rightly so. Thirty-two countries play for national pride throughout 64 matches over the course of a month. With so many elite players on the pitch vying for the title, it truly is an energetic month of beautiful athleticism.

But it’s not all about the sport. Since the last World Cup in 2010, the number of users on social media has grown 53%, with second screen experiences a common component of any event. As such, fans are taking to the web to share in the drama of the event. Memes are abounding — and we’re loving it.

So, while you know what has taken place on the pitch, here’s our break down of the social data from the first week of games, starting with Brazil’s Opening Ceremony. In the days that have followed, (looking at English-speaking social conversation), more than one million photos and 2800 short videos have been shared, with over 25 million mentions of the event in general. Despite not being a heavily favored team, the United States is leading the conversation with more than 5.4 million active users, followed by 1.5 million in Great Britain.

All this means any mistake or moment can last forever. The Internet quickly jumped on Robin van Persie’s amazing goal, with #Persieing now a trend.



But van Persie isn’t the only hero of the tournament. Mexico’s keeper Ochoa quickly impressed fans of all nationalities with his numerous saves, keeping Mexico in the Group Stage.



While the stars definitely are shining, some teams have seen the dark underbelly of the Internet. With Spain quickly being eliminated, the social realm was not too kind with the jokes.

The Uruguay and England also proved to bring out the jokes trolling England and praising Suarez.

With the games just starting, we know there’s more to come with the rest of the World Cup. And we’ll be watching it all.

In the Moment: Cannes Lions 2014

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Each year, the advertising world descends on France in an annual tradition to celebrate creativity in the field. Cannes Lions is the world’s biggest annual awards show and festival for professionals in the creative communications industry. And we’ve been following along. Here’s our recap from the start of the festival to Wednesday:

At the 61st Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, storytelling is THE main topic. It has been a major influence throughout the week’s activities, from Twitter’s #LiveStories to real-time marketing, content marketing, and social engagement. As Sir Patrick Stewart said, “There is a hunger for this kind of in the moment excitement. People today are excited by that — by the immediacy of it. It connects to events; it connects them to people instantly.”

And this is more relevant than ever. Creatives have caught on to the importance of these aspects. Here at Buzz Radar, we believe there is a great story in the data if you know how to tell it. Using all we know about Cannes Lions, we want to bring this story to you:

Social@Ogilvy has consistently produced engaging content all week, keeping their fans in the know with all that’s happening at Cannes Lions. And with 24k mentions, they are clearly the winner at the social game for #CannesLions this year. The brand is also leading the way for brands being talked about, with Twitter in second place. In fact, Ogilvy shows more than the official account for Cannes Lions, followed by @Scullather, @ThamKhiMeng and @SirPatStew. Ogilvy’s Tham Khai Meng, CCO, has also been the more popular speaker, with Jared Leto and Spike Jonze being another fan favorite.

In the over 78k mentions for Cannes Lions, the Media Lions, Selfies from Space, the classic beach views, Tham Khai Meng, David Karp, and Mark Parker are all other major topics grabbing attendees’ (social) attention. Creativity, inspire, create, and future all feature prominently in the discussion emerging. And this focus on the future, inspiration and creativity is showing up in the photos and videos taking over the social space. With over 11,000 photos already shared and more than 200 short videos, Cannes Lions is reaching more than 785 million this year. From Kanye West on stage to Young Lion parties, attendees are getting creative in how they share their experience.

We all want to react to the speed, pace and energy of the moment. And even if you’re not there, you can still take part in the action. With Twitter’s #LiveStories, share your reactions to what’s happening. And following the festival, we’ll be giving you another update on all that happened.