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July 2014

Relationships Matter: Why Your Brand Needs to be Socially Active

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Think social media is just about engagement and vanity metrics? Well, Altimeter Group recently conducted some research for LinkedIn and they might be able to change your mind on that.

Altimeter Group dove into what benefits top socially engaged companies reap when cultivating an engaged presence on LinkedIn. This includes content marketing, employee engagement, talent and recruitment and sales efforts. While it’s just one platform, there’s a lot to learn from it. In particular, employees of top socially engaged companies are far more optimistic than those of other companies: 52% versus 41%. Furthermore, 20% of employees are more likely to feel inspired based on this activity and how their company is using social media to engage with them.

This is also where your team is getting their news about you. 54% of engaged employees read content by their company through social media, and 38% are more likely to share relevant company content with coworkers and customers when the company shares content in social media.

It’s becoming more and more clear that socially engaged brands are winning not just consumers but their employees too. See more from the team at Altimeter Group:

Which Brands Won the World Cup?

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This year’s World Cup was the most social event in history. And with good reason. The memes generated will continue to be a source of entertainment and the games were nail-biting. But it wasn’t just the players and fans who got involved. This year many brands joined the games. And we crunched the numbers to see who really won.

Check it out below:

Are You Showing or Telling? Why Visuals Always Win Out

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Photos are all the rage nowadays. Pinterest, Instagram. Even Facebook is enlarging photos on the platform. Increasingly, our culture wants to see not be told. And there might be some solid reasons for this. Each day more tan 140 million tweets are sent and over 1.5 billion pieces of content exist. We’re bombarded with information — and increasingly strapped for attention and time.

Visuals are crucial to helping us process all this information quickly and efficiently. In fact, we process visual information 60,000 times faster than it takes our brain to decode text. This is why we firmly believe in highlighting and showing data over sending reports. Teams can collaborate quicker, react and respond to new data faster and share their successes.

Visuals are the way forward — and we’re not the only ways we think this. HubSpot recently shared an infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines that shares 12 reasons you should have a more visual content marketing campaign.

12 Reasons to Implement A Visual Content Marketing Campaign (Infographic) - An Infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines

Just don’t let it stop with your marketing campaigns. We’ve seen visuals change the game for many brands and events, like Cannes Lions. See what we mean here — then, tell us how you think visuals can improve your workflow and ROI.

The Beautiful Finale: The Final Week of the World Cup

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With the games more spaced out and more at stake, the online conversation truly was phenomenal as the World Cup came to a close. The final days of the tournament brought more than 57 million mentions and over 1.4 million photos, garnering a reach of 46 billion. What was behind all this conversation?

Argentina’s Higuain put his team ahead of Belgium, sparking some nice mockery of Wondo’s USA miss against the same team.

The Cinderella team, the Ticos, relied on their incredible keeper, Navas to stay in the match against Netherlands, leading to their second shootout match – but not before van Gaal made what would be a brilliant tactical switch right before extra time ended, subbing out the main Dutch keeper for Krul.

Then came the match that truly broke the Internet. Germany faced off with Brazil, with the soon-to-be tournament winners thrashing the hosts 7-1:

The memes kept coming. #ThingsMoreLikelyThanBrazilWinningTheWorldCup took off:

As did SadBrazilians on Tumblr. But we found a hero in one Brazilian fan, who gave his replica trophy to a German fan following the loss.

This was the first World Cup where Twitter truly took over. More people tweeted about this World Cup than any other sporting event in history, even coming close to breaking Twitter. More than 35 million messages were sent about that match alone, setting a new record.

The third place game, pitting Brazil and the Netherlands against each other, garnered 2.5 million mentions, over 90,000 photos, and a reach of 13.4 billion. Neymar’s absence was a frequent part of the conversation. Following the Dutch securing their third place win, the world focused their attention on Argentina and Germany’s battle in the final. With over 14.6 million mentions and almost 400,000 photos, the match had a reach of 37.7 billion. Messi, who would go on to win the Golden Ball award, remained a hot topic. As the final drew to a close, a record 618,725 tweets about the match were sent out per minute, breaking Tuesday’s new record.

And of course, Paddy Power continued their run of great social commentary throughout:

Battle for the Top: Week Three of the World Cup

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As excitement grew around the World Cup, so did social engagement. And no match was more talked about than Brazil’s nail-biting finale with Chile. Cesar ultimately became the host country’s hero:

More than 16.4 million tweets were sent during the match, making it the most tweeted game from the World Cup so far. Twitter noted the moment that Chilean defender Gonzalo Jara missed the crucial penalty to put Brazil through, triggered 389,000 tweets per minute — beating the previous record-holder (The Superbowl 48 at 382,000 tweets per minute) as the most tweeted sporting event to date.

On the same day, Colombia made history on the pitch, with their first ever World Cup Quarterfinal appearance after James put in an amazing hip/chest volley.

The next day, it was all about Suarez’s ban and Mexico.

While the world debated the fairness of Suarez’s ban, the Internet mourned the exit of Mexican coach, Herrera — and skewered Robben for pushing him out.

Another airline (who shall remain nameless) misstepped and quickly apologized for social insensitivity as they celebrated their country’s victory — all while @MenInBlazers continued to show the world how you own social during the World Cup.

As the matches continued, so did the memes. Germany’s Neuer won respect by not just playing an outstanding keeping game against Algeria but also by playing in a great fullback position.

While Suarez issued what many felt was a non-pology:

The USA lit up the online conversation in one of the more entertaining matches, despite the goal-less score throughout regulation time. Early in the match, an enthusiastic fan jumped onto the pitch, sparking great commentary:

And then, Tim Howard quickly became the new Internet sensation, even fueling #ThingsTimHowardCanSave and a short-lived Wikipedia change to US Secretary of Defense:

As the semi-finals and quarterfinals cleared the competition, Brazil and Colombia was one for the books. It was one of the most physical, free-flowing games of the tournament, with over 53 fouls committed and no yellow cards until the 40th foul. All of which ultimately led to Neymar’s exit.

With the finals starting to heat up, we know the rest of the matches will only bring more banter, conversation and stats for us to enjoy, as best expressed by @MenInBlazers: