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January 2015

Making Your Real-time Moment Magic for America’s Big Game

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In less than 10 days, America hosts their Big Game, with millions tuned in for the game. Considering last year over 75% of brands integrated social into their advertising spots during the final, we want to help you stay in the know around the game. Getting the most out of an event like this, requires planning and creativity. We saw what can happen during last year’s World Cup and created a guide to maximizing real-time moments in worldwide events.

Leading in these events also takes being prepared. So, to help you do this, we will be tracking all the social conversation around America’s biggest game this year, providing insights and the opportunity for fans, brands and agencies to create their own real-time marketing moment.

In addition to providing a free standard visualisation for fans all around the world to stay engaged, we’ll also offer brands and agencies the opportunity to partner with us ahead of America’s Big Game to ensure they are tracking the most important keywords, topics and competitors to make the most of the game.

Since our data is visualised in real-time, you get the fastest insights possible. See the data leading up to the game, and contact us to learn more about our partnership opportunities leading up to the big game. And of course, let us know what you expect to be the major marketing moments of the game.


Your Data, Your Dashboard: Our New Build Your Own Platform

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Last week we were fortunate to debut our latest work at CES — and we want to invite you to see it, too. We are thrilled to unveil the work we’ve been developing over the past several months: our new data visualisation platform that allows brands, events and agencies to turn their real-time social data into live customised animated infographics. Turning traditional social data reporting on its head, we want you to view data in real-time to make faster insights that can be instantly shared and understood more quickly with your entire team at any time.

With our new platform, you simply create an account and enter keywords, topics and competitors to track. An account can be set up in less than 10 minutes, giving your brand, agency or event the data you need at the fastest possible speed. All accounts are equipped with access to our Insights Platform that allows a deeper dive into your visualisations. You also now have the ability to choose from among more than 20 visualisation options and 3 display options for a multi-visualisation dashboard.

“It’s a well-known problem that valuable live social insights are trapped inside hard to understand analytics and often shared far too late to be actionable,” said Patrick Charlton, Director and Co-founder of Buzz Radar. “It is hugely exciting to take our award-winning visualisations and enable anyone to create their own event visualisations or social command centre in moments. We can’t wait to see what people do with it.”

We are giving you full control of your data. So, what does this new platform include?

  • Largest Breadth of Social Media Platforms: Including Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Klout, Google Analytics, Google+, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  • Second Screen Approach: Both deep dive insights and a way to showcase data in a way that is clear, easy to understand and beautiful.
  • Full Customisation of Visualisations: Adjust each visualisation to fit your story and branding, down to font and color scheme and interstitials looping between data visualisations.
  • Fastest Set-up Possible: Account set-up can be completed fully within 10 minutes, with data imported in less than 20 minutes.

Check out with our free trial option now and let us know what you think!


The Full Rewind: What Happened at CES 2015

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Nick Cannon. Surprise fashion shows outside the Vegas Monorail. A driverless car coming from the Bay to meet attendees. Curved TV’s and tackling diversity in tech. CES had all this and more. It was incredible week — one we were honored to be a part of. As the official data partner, we were able to get a front row seat to what was truly resonating with attendees and fans outside the LV Convention Center. And we are here to share that with you. See what the data revealed and share your thoughts with us! What was your favorite part of CES?


Gaining Traction: Day 2 of CES

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With CES in full swing, we’re starting to see which trends have staying power and what’s really attracting attendees. The lunchtime hour was the most powerful, and overall conversation almost doubled from yesterday. Intel maintained their lead, thanks to further innovations coming out of their partnership with Jaguar and a fun wearables challenge. The day wasn’t just product launches however. We were joined by Nick Cannon and French Montana for a live tweet chat at the Official Social Command Centre with FleishmanHillard, giving fans around the globe the opportunity to connect with these esteemed entertainers.

The data is telling a great story around CES this year — see our full snapshot below:


Then, make sure to follow along for all the data coming out as the week continues to unfold!

CES Day 1: A Preview of the Week to Come

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Yesterday marked the first day of CES — and what a day it proved to be! From Audi launching a self-driving car driving straight to CES to Intel tackling diversity in tech, the announcements are keeping the tech and consumer worlds fully engaged.

We are honored to be the Official Data Partner of CES and hosting the Social Command Centre for the week, in partnership with Fleishman Hillard. Because of this, we’ve gotten a front row seat to the incredible data as it comes through. And this CES is not disappointing. To help you stay in the know, this is a snapshot of what came out of Day 1.

CES Day 1

Make sure to come back daily for more recaps and a full overview of what happened throughout one of the world’s biggest consumer events. See you soon!