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June 2015

Celebrating Creativity The Cannes Lions Way

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We’ve returned from the sunny land of Cannes, but that meant fully processing all that happened at Cannes Lions. With 285,000 mentions and 32,000 photos, the festival had an impressive reach of 3 billion. More than 13,500 attendees flooded the city by the sea, with over 100 awards handed out. Some of the highest honors went to

  • Al Gore for the Lion Heart Award
  • R/GA for Agency of the Year
  • HEINEKEN for Creative Marketer of the Year
  • Droga5 for Independent Agency of the Year
  • Smuggler USA for the Palme d’Or
  • Ogilvy & Mather for Network of the Year
  • WPP for Holding Company of the Year

You can see some of the deservedly awarded work here, but it wasn’t just about previous work that we wanted to celebrate. The social buzz revealed some interesting trends.

Wednesday proved to be the most active day. Attendees flew in at various times, and it was noted that Wednesday seemed to be when most were likely to be present at the festival. Not surprisingly, Twitter was the main platform in use. Also not surprising was Ogilvy’s dominance over the week. Garnering over 41% of the conversation, they were a social force to be reckoned with. They also provided the most retweeted tweet of the festival.

Behind Ogilvy was Twitter at 10% and Havas at 5%. On the speaker front, substance was preferred. While celebrity figures did earn a place in the top ten, the buzz centered around Unilever’s Keith Weed, Al Gore, Monica Lewinsky and Ogilvy’s Tham Khai Meng. Pharrell and Kim Kardashian tied to round out the top five. It appears that those at Cannes really did want something they could chew on and be inspired by; something to note for those planning for Cannes Lions 2016.

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Closing Time: Day 5 of Cannes Lions

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As Cannes Lions comes to a close, the conversation did start tapering. Surely, the excessive rose consumed by those taking over Cannes had nothing to do with it.

Overall, the final day of the festival saw 33,000 tweets and 3,855 photos, reaching 280 million. The peak of the day did hit earlier than expected at 11am. Not unexpected, Ogilvy maintained their lead, owning 33% of the conversation, followed by Twitter at 14% and Havas at 11%.

The week’s hangover was in full force, but it didn’t hamper the depth of the dialogue at all. Al Gore’s speech took the lead, garnering 36% of the buzz. Behind him was Sir Martin Sorrell at 20%, and deservingly, Monica Lewinsky at 8%. Keep an eye out for our full week wrap-up coming soon!

The Power of a Story: Day 4 of Cannes Lions

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The Festival of Creativity brings together some of the world’s most creative and inspiring. And the fourth day did not stray from that trend. The day’s highlight was the stirring and compassionate speech from Monica Lewinsky. Earning a standing ovation for her powerful anti-shaming speech, she was the main topic of conversation throughout the day, garnering 23% of the buzz.

While the speech wasn’t livestreamed, you can read it in its entirety here, and we highly recommend you do. You’ll quickly see why she left other speakers behind her.

Outside of Monica’s inspiring presence, David Guetta and Ogilvy’s Tham Khai Meng were popular speakers, at 14% and 13% respectively. Ogilvy remained dominant at 33%, with Twitter at 16% and Havas at 10% behind them.

Overall, the day saw 41,000 mentions and 5,305 photos. Not terribly surprising the peak of the day started at 4pm, after Monica’s speech has settled in with attendees. Personally, it proved to be one of the best days of Cannes Lions and left me eager to see what the final day will bring.

Finding the Pace: Day 3 of Cannes Lions

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Hitting its stride, the third day of Cannes Lions didn’t slow down one bit. With over 60,000 mentions and 6,431 photos, the third day had plenty of buzz around plenty of topics. The peak hit at 7pm, with a lot of chatter around *that* tweet from the wee hours of the morning. The story around the two lovers emerged later, but it definitely piqued plenty of attendees’ curiousity.

Keeping the status quo, Ogilvy stayed in charge of the conversation, owning 48% of it. Twitter and Google both rounded out in second place with 10% each. Cannes proved style and substance matter, with Unilever’s Keith Weed garnering 28% of the speaker convo, followed by none other than Ms. Kim Kardashian West at 17% and Kenneth Branagh at 8%.

They’ll be plenty more data coming as the week winds down, but that doesn’t mean the stories stop. Stay posted as we release more data from the Festival of Creativity.

Bringing the Heat: Day 2 of Cannes Lions

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Rolling into the second day of Cannes Lions, the buzz and excitement only continues. Tuesday garnered 58,200 mentions with 5,678 photos, giving the festival a reach of 471 million. Not too surprising, the peak hour was 7-8pm during the Awards Presentation. Behind that spike was Cannes Lions publishing livestreaming info for the night and Kim Kardashian West announcing her arrival here in sunny Cannes.

From the full day, Pharrell inspiring speech regarding his growth over the years and support from fans gave him top honors in speakers, at 30% of the conversation. Following him were Jamie Oliver and Nick Emery, at 18% and 8% respectively. On the brand front, in addition to their 45 Cannes awards, Ogilvy continued their dominance, owning 40% of the conversation. Behind them were Twitter and MEC, at 13% and 5% respectively.

With Day 3 underway, we can’t wait to see what the Festival of Creativity brings! Keep up with us for all the highlights.

The First Roar: Day 1 of Cannes Lions

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Cannes Lions has officially kicked off, and it started with a roar! Peak conversation hit Monday morning between 9-10am, but the lunch hour was just as popular with a nice spike in volume between 1-3pm. Not terribly surprising, Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel was the day’s most noted speaker. And if you look around Cannes, you’ll note the strong presence of the brand on signage as well.

On the brand front, as with most large events, Ogivly’s social team is winning the battle, owning 43% of the conversation. But Blippar and Twitter come up behind them, taking 9% of the conversation respectively (*though it should be noted that Blippar’s place in the conversation was largely centered around the grand fete they invited attendees to).

Cannes Lions is going strong with 65k mentions and 7621 photos, earning a reach of 696M in the first full day. We’ll continue bringing you the highlights, and if you’re at the sunny festival, swing by to see our data on display with our friends at the Microsoft Surface Hub!

Tracking The Energy & Creativity of Cannes Lions

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Kicking off on Sunday, next week marks the return of Cannes Lions. Cannes Lions brings together some of the advertising and brand world’s brightest and most creative. We celebrate and honor some of the best campaigns and ads that have come out in the past year. This year, we’ll have boots on the ground and are thrilled to be there covering all the excitement from the festival. If you’ll be at the festival, swing by Microsoft Surface Booth outside the Palais to say hello. And if you’re not able to be down in sunny Cannes, keep the energy and creativity flowing with our live data here (viewable on your mobile device as well!).

4 Keys To Tracking Data With Keywords

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Starting to measure your social buzz? Navigating social data can seem overwhelming at first, but we’re here to help! Below are our four tips to getting you on your way and tracking your data in the most reliable and ethical way:

1. What is your goal?

Before you begin any search, you have to know what kind of data you are looking for. Knowing what is most important to your company or event is crucial:
Are you wanting to use data for business/product development and consumer feedback?
Are you more interested in benchmarking against competitors?
How about consumer or attendee engagement?
Answering this question gives you a focus to begin.

2. How do you select your keywords?

Your query keywords should reflect your goals. Put yourself in your consumers’ shoes. How do they talk about your brand, topic or event? Use this knowledge to refine your keywords and focus on the conversation you’re really interested in.

Once thinking about your goal from their perspective, make sure you avoid generic terms, like shoe. The more specific you can get, the better your data results will be. The more generic your terms, the more noise you will get. Keep all of your keywords below 255 characters. The longer they are, the harder it is for the data to be accurate due to search algorithms.

3. Refine your keywords.

Don’t be shy about using additional keyword filters (if a Buzz Radar customer, you can do this at any point in your Data Settings). Keyword filters help you narrow your search down. For example, if you wanted to look at social buzz around Apple’s computers but not their other products, you could use this:
Keyword: Apple
Keyword Filter: Mac, Macintosh, Laptop, Computer

4. Focus on what’s really important.

Now that you have your keywords set, don’t get lost in the minutiae. Seeing the overall trends in your social activity is great and has value, but spikes can tell you more. A drop in your social conversation levels is not a problem and is very common. Your spikes, however, will tell you what is resonating with your audience.

So, now you have a great base for getting started. We promise: data doesn’t have to be complicated.

Tracking The Pulse Of London Technology Week

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It’s that time! London Technology Week is upon us. With five days of in-depth discussion and dialogue around what’s emerging from the London tech scene and how to get the most from it, London Technology Week will have highlights we can all glean from. We’ll be tracking the buzz all week long, with our friends from The Memo. So, check back often, and make sure to share your insights from the event!

Closing Out The Season: The Premier League Season

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This year’s Premier League wrapped up neatly, well ahead of the last game on May 24th. While Manchester City entered the season as defending champions, they could not hold on to it. Chelsea won the title with three games to spare, giving them their fourth Premier League title and their fifth English league title overall. Man City did take home honors with Sergio Agüero winning the Golden Boot with 26 goals, and teammate Joe Hart taking a record fourth Golden Glove.

But that’s just what happened on the pitch. The social data revealed a slightly different story. See who were the social winners from this year’s Premier League below: