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October 2015

Give Your Content Structure: An Infographic Content Marketing Checklist

By | Social Media Marketing

Content marketing often feels like a buzz word; yet, the results are well known. Companies that publish 16+ blog posts per month garner almost 3.5X more traffic than their competitors that blog four times or less a month. Content marketing helps build authenticity and adds value to your customers.

But how do you get started on your next piece? Content for the sake of content doesn’t actually add the value you’re seeking. As with most company activities, what you produce has to align with your company goals. Start there, then reframe it and speak directly to your audience. The more personal, the better it tends to be received (but always keep your company’s voice in mind). The piece though that can often be overlooked is data. How are you collecting data? How are you displaying that? Data gives your content support and structure. So, while you’re looking to connect and create an emotional narrative, don’t discount the structure for the fluff. has a great checklist to walk you through your next piece, and it highlights our favorite portion: data. If you need help capturing your data, don’t be afraid to give us a try.

Muscling Through: Rugby World Cup Pool Stages

By | Events

Over the past three weeks, the world has watched as the rugby elite took to the pitch to see who would come out as champion. As the Pool Stage has come to a close with 231 tries and 2020 points scored, we look back at what happened off the field.

The first three weeks of the Rugby World Cup has seen 3.6 million mentions, 292,000 photos and 693 videos. The biggest peak was at 448,000 mentions on the 19th as Japan upset South Africa in what many called the biggest rugby upset in history. Coming behind in the second largest spike was 321,500 mentions on October 3rd as England was forced out of the group stage and Japan sealed their second victory.

The conversation has been global, though most of it has been centered in the host country. England is leading the way with 633,000 mentions, followed by 307,800 mentions in the USA, 138,600 mentions in the Netherlands and 133,000 mentions in Japan. And what was in those conversations? Not surprisingly, the teams favored by the fans broke down similarly: England at 35%, Japan 26%, France 10%, Namibia 7%, and then Canada/South Africa/Argentina/Uruguay pretty equally at 5%. Among the sponsors, it was clear Dove was the leader, garnering 32% of the conversation. Their #ScrumTogether campaign is proving very successful. Behind them was O2 at 20% and then MasterCard at 12%.

And how is the Rugby World Cup’s own content performing? Their most successful posts and tweets (below) capture the emotion and teams’ progress to keep fans engaged:

With several more weeks of action still ahead, we’re excited to see how the Rugby World Cup grows and what resonates. Stay posted with us!

What’s Cooking Behind The Great British Bake Off

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As one of Britain’s most successful shows, The Great British Bake Off draw millions as the sixth competition came to a close. With 13.4 million viewers, this season of The Great British Bake Off broke records to become the most watched programme of the year. Featuring Nadiya Hussain, Ian Cumming and Tamal Ray as the finalists, the audience eagerly awaited who would be awarded victor.

But what did the social data reveal? Over the nine episodes, 1.5 million mentions, 148,000 photos and 839 videos were shared. And the show gained 72,000 Twitter followers and 112,000 new Facebook page likes. These peaked, naturally, during the final with 192,900 tweets, with the opening coming in second for most mentions at 184,690 tweets. Interestingly, the third week was the next most talked about episode, in which Paul received the first ever special commendation for his showstopper King of the Jungle. The bulk of the conversation was naturally centered in Great Britain, but it did extend substantially to the Netherlands and the US. While Nadiya was the audience favorite, Ian did lead the conversation throughout the season, garnering 18% of the mentions. Mat, Tamal and Nadiya came in closely together behind him, dominating 14%, 12.7% and 12.3% of the conversations respectively.*

Everyone got in on the action in the final, from the band Little Mix to Manchester United and Andy Murray. Overall, yesterday the show saw 193,000 mentions, 10,500 photos and 52 videos. With little surprise here, Nadiya was the clear social winner, earning 40% of convo, with Ian at 27% and Tamal at 14%.

Thanks for watching with us — we can’t wait for Season 7 to start baking!

*Data around contestant Paul was convoluted due to conversation around the presenter Paul Hollywood.