About Us

We’ve seen what happens when data is tied to one department. Data becomes siloed, and great insights can be lost with every moment it sits inside a report, waiting to be read. We want to get the right info to the right people quicker and in more engaging, fun, and painless methods. When this happens, more people are empowered to make change. So, we are helping create a new way of working — one where data is simplified to the most interesting and relevant portions, happens in real time, and is easily shared so anyone can collaborate to form actionable insights.

Buzz Radar was born out of the realisation data can be useful, collaborative, beautiful, and easy to understand. There are a lot of great stories in data if you know how to read them. We pump live data through our screens, transforming it into beautiful, animated data visualisations. We broadcast this beyond just the analysts and social teams. This surfaces actionable and useful information — at all levels, for everyone. This takes brands and companies to a whole new level.

Who are the people behind the platform? Our team is nimble and responsive, with strong backgrounds in marketing and agency work. Seeing the need to transform social data, Buzz Radar was the solution. We know data is an invaluable part of insight and growth. Our goal is to put data in the hands of more people.  Join us.

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