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We know what your customers are thinking. No, really.

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Data is hidden within many sources. That’s why our Command Centres are expanding beyond social to give you deeper insights. With our new updates, we can integrate more data sources into our platform to give you a comprehensive view of your business. But we’re not stopping there.

We’ve partnered with IBM to bring you next-generation cognitive insights from Watson. Your sentiment is now analysed with Watson’s AI API. Meaning you can understand how your social media followers feel about your products or brand.

And want to know more about those discussing your brand? That’s where Watson comes in. We’re now able to run all your data through Watson Personality Insights to really understand more about your audience. Personality Insights extracts personality characteristics based on how a person writes. This is great for creating detailed personality portraits of individual customers for highly-targeted segmentation, improving lead quality based on “like” personality characteristics, personalizing recommendations, matching personality types, and more.

personality insights in mac frame

From improving your experience visually to aggregating data and services that give you a better understanding, our goal is to make it easier for your team to truly be data-driven. Learn more about the science and methodology behind the tech here.

Give it a go and add it to your dashboard — then, let us know what you think!

If you haven’t tried Buzz Radar yet, take a free trial on us and let us know how you get on.

Our new platform: Better, faster, stronger and with cognitive insights.

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Inside organisations, data and insights are becoming more important than ever. Together with efficiently collecting and analysing data, the speed in which we communicate and present insights to decision makers is now a critical factor in success.

Improving this process has always been our no.1 mission, and we’re about to raise the stakes.

For the past year we’ve been burning the midnight oil working on a major update to our Insights Platform, which we are excited to launch this month. Through rigorous testing and feedback, we’ve combed every single element of our Platform to see where it could be improved.

Our charts now offer a more intuitive interface. You can dive deeper into your data for greater context, export in more formats than ever before and even annotate charts in-screen, either with the mouse cursor, fingertips or pentals (if you’re using touch screens) — all geared to increase engagement around your data.

Line Graph 2

We’ve invested greatly in navigation improvement to make things easier to find, access and amend. Starting with our “Data Settings” tab, you can jump directly to individual settings pages via an expansion menu from any page in our Insights Platform.

This focus extends to our Dashboard Builder too. You’ll now see two Visualisation Dashboard previews across the screen (or one for mobile devices), with the action buttons along the bottom. The ‘Launch’ button now opens the dashboard straight into HTML5 ready for any device — mobile, desktop or tablet.

launcher whats new page image V3

Have numerous Dashboards? One of our biggest new features is just for you then: Dashboard Launcher. The Dashboard Launcher enables you to collate a number of Dashboards into one quick-access one-click screen. This is available within our new Chrome App, or simply an in-browser link. You can build several different Launcher screens, great for distributing different sets of dashboards to different people in your value chain. It’ll ensure the right people are connecting with the right data, and all controlled from the cloud.

These are just a few of over 250 separate improvements we’ve made across our products.

So, the question is; What are you waiting for?

Take a free trial and let us know what you think, we’re always looking for feedback!


Joining The Spotlight At Cannes Lions

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It’s that time of year again when the world’s most creative advertising and agency minds join together for Cannes Lions. Kicking off June 20th, Cannes Lions is the celebration of the best campaigns and ads that have come out in the past year. Last year showcased some incredible moments, and we’ll be back at the festival to share with you the highlights from this year.

In addition to tracking all the data around the week-long fête, we’ll also be showcasing the world’s first emotionally responsive billboard with Clear Channel. Together, we’ll capture the real-time sentiment of the event by analysing over 5,000 #CannesLions social posts every hour and then presenting adverts that respond to the tone and emotion of the attendees. We’ll also be covering all that’s coming out of the upcoming Brexit with our friends, The Memo.

If you’ll be at the festival, swing by the Grand Hotel to find us. And if you’re not able to be down in sunny Cannes, keep the energy and creativity flowing with our live data here (viewable on your mobile device as well!).

Tracking The Energy & Creativity of Cannes Lions

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Kicking off on Sunday, next week marks the return of Cannes Lions. Cannes Lions brings together some of the advertising and brand world’s brightest and most creative. We celebrate and honor some of the best campaigns and ads that have come out in the past year. This year, we’ll have boots on the ground and are thrilled to be there covering all the excitement from the festival. If you’ll be at the festival, swing by Microsoft Surface Booth outside the Palais to say hello. And if you’re not able to be down in sunny Cannes, keep the energy and creativity flowing with our live data here (viewable on your mobile device as well!).

Straight From The Source: Your Twitter Data

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We don’t have to tell you: your data is important. It provides you the insight to make the best decisions. So, we work hard to partner directly with data sources to ensure you have the best data available at all times. Since our inception, we’ve been in regularly communication with all the major platforms, like Twitter, Google, Instagram and Facebook. These partnerships are important to us, and we greatly value them.

Recently, Twitter made an announcement that the Twitter Firehose will be shut off and all data services will go via Gnip, their latest acquisition. You may be wondering: how does this impact me and my data?

It doesn’t. Because we are in regular communication with our partners, we had already been paving the way for this transition. We are excited to say our data integrity remains intact and our clients can rest easy. Twitter has made this process smooth for us, and we look forward to the new depths of data this move makes for all who use our platform.

As Head of Twitter Ecosystem, Zach Hofer-Shall, has said:

“One of the reasons Twitter acquired Gnip was because Twitter believes the best way to support the distribution of Twitter data is to have direct data relationships with its data customers – the companies building analytic solutions using Twitter’s data and platform. Direct relationships help Twitter develop a deeper understanding of customer needs, get direct feedback for the product roadmap, and work more closely with data customers to enable the best possible solutions for the brands that rely on Twitter data to make better decisions.”

Our direct relationship with Twitter gives you the best solution possible for your data, and you can rest assured all your data is unlocked with us.

Being Part Of The Google Community

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As a dynamic and evolving startup, we seek out products that can help us grow as rapidly as our ambition. Recently, we participated in Google’s Growth Engine website. Google’s goal is to inspire businesses and help empower small business entrepreneurs to maximize the power of the web and it’s resources.

Why is this important? Small businesses that fully embrace the web generate new jobs almost twice as fast as those that do not and are 50% more likely to sell their products or services outside their region.

We know the power of data and technology. And we are constantly striving to improve. In addition to being fans of Google’s email services, we also have adopted regular use of Google’s other products, ranging from Google AdWords and Google Analytics to the highly sophisticated software language AngularJS. Being a part of the Google community challenges us. Check out Google’s Growth Engine, and a bit more of our story below:

Getting Better With Age: Our Newest Features

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One of our main goals is to make Buzz Radar as useful as possible to you and your team. So, today we are rolling out some exciting new features to our data visualisation options which we think will enhance your experience on the platform. This includes:

  • Deep Dive Visualisation Click: You can now click on any piece of data on any visualisation to immediately let you investigate that data piece deeper on our Insights Platform.
  • Most Effective Posts: We now offer you the ability to be alerted when one of your posts or tweets reaches a level of engagement you deem important. You can not only highlight these effective posts in a visualisation but also get email alerts about them. Just head to the Data Settings tab to set this feature up and to the Visualisations tab to enable the visualisation.
  • Twitter Trends: You can now look at your regional trends via a Word Cloud visualisation. Just head to the Visualisations tab on the left at to activate.
  • Regional Heat Map: You can now see a regional focus of buzz around your keywords for the United States or Europe. Just head to the Visualisations tab on the left at to activate.
  • Track Multiple Social Accounts: Are you monitoring several social accounts for one topic? You can now track them all. This is an ideal feature for consolidating your view across countries or products. Just head to the Data Settings tab on the left at to add new accounts.
  • Slide and Image Integration: This new feature enables you to add a regular slide or image into your Visualisation Dashboard. Just head to the Upload Slide section of your Data Settings at to activate.

Over the next few months, we’ll have more exciting updates and features based off your feedback and some new ideas (like the ability to embed into websites and our new HTML5 format!). Our aim is to enhance your experience. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions at all, feel free to ask and we would be happy to walk you through the updates or talk through ways we can improve.


Your Data, Your Dashboard: Our New Build Your Own Platform

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Last week we were fortunate to debut our latest work at CES — and we want to invite you to see it, too. We are thrilled to unveil the work we’ve been developing over the past several months: our new data visualisation platform that allows brands, events and agencies to turn their real-time social data into live customised animated infographics. Turning traditional social data reporting on its head, we want you to view data in real-time to make faster insights that can be instantly shared and understood more quickly with your entire team at any time.

With our new platform, you simply create an account and enter keywords, topics and competitors to track. An account can be set up in less than 10 minutes, giving your brand, agency or event the data you need at the fastest possible speed. All accounts are equipped with access to our Insights Platform that allows a deeper dive into your visualisations. You also now have the ability to choose from among more than 20 visualisation options and 3 display options for a multi-visualisation dashboard.

“It’s a well-known problem that valuable live social insights are trapped inside hard to understand analytics and often shared far too late to be actionable,” said Patrick Charlton, Director and Co-founder of Buzz Radar. “It is hugely exciting to take our award-winning visualisations and enable anyone to create their own event visualisations or social command centre in moments. We can’t wait to see what people do with it.”

We are giving you full control of your data. So, what does this new platform include?

  • Largest Breadth of Social Media Platforms: Including Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Klout, Google Analytics, Google+, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  • Second Screen Approach: Both deep dive insights and a way to showcase data in a way that is clear, easy to understand and beautiful.
  • Full Customisation of Visualisations: Adjust each visualisation to fit your story and branding, down to font and color scheme and interstitials looping between data visualisations.
  • Fastest Set-up Possible: Account set-up can be completed fully within 10 minutes, with data imported in less than 20 minutes.

Check out with our free trial option now and let us know what you think!

Social Media Visualisation In-store with STA Travel

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20140110_174808This week STA Travel unveiled a new look for its flagship store in London Victoria and we here at Buzz Radar are really excited to have played a part of their new look.

In what we believe is one of the first examples of  in-store social visualisation STA are playing out tweets and Instagram images mentioning their brand on digital screens both in the store window and inside the shop.

Putting customer content have via social media at the heart of the remodelling of the store is all part of a new emerging trend of putting consumer Tweets and Instagram pictures in bricks and mortar stores to bring the social domain into the physical retail space.

Featuring social conversations and data in store bolsters consumer confidence, as you are more likely trust personal recommendations over a brand message. According to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising report as much as 92% of consumers say they trust earned media above all other forms of advertising.


It also demonstrates that companies are listening to their consumers and shows an innovative streak by incorporating into social into the physical retail space.

We think the visualisations look fantastic with the inspiring travel photography setting the background. Go check it out if you ever find yourself in Victoria.

Buzz Radar wins Most Disruptive Startup at the Tech City News Elevator Pitch Awards

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Over the last few months we have been taking part in the Tech City News Elevator Pitch competition, which has been on the hunt to find the UK’s most exciting new tech companies.

Over 150 of the UK’s leading startups took part over a series of grueling rounds, which included delivering a Dragon’s Den style pitch and presenting while speeding down the River Thames on a boat.

We were pleased and a little bit shocked to keep progressing through each round and with the final awards looming there was a little tension in the air at Buzz Radar towers. So when the excellent Rohan Silva announced on stage that we had won ‘Most Disruptive Startup of the year’ we where totally taken aback and pretty darn pleased.

A few people have asked us today what the Most Disruptive Startup award recognises. According to professor Clayton M. Christensen at the Harvard Business School ‘disruptive technology describes a new technology that unexpectedly displaces an established technology’. Or as Patrick, one of our co-founders put it ‘we won the award for annoying our competition the most!’

Which ever definition you prefer we are really chuffed that folks are liking what Buzz Radar is trying to do by making real time social data as engaging, insightful and easy to understand as possible.

Huge thanks to the team here at base,  the folks at Tech City News,  Rackspace for sponsoring the awards and congratulations to other winning companies!