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4 Reasons to Use Visuals in Retail

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The retail industry is a big driver of the US and UK economies. In the US, there are nearly 3.8 million retail establishments; in the UK, it’s the biggest employment sector. With so many locations, how can retail stores stand apart? Digital signage may be your solution.

  • Attract eyeballs and increase footfall.
    Digital signage outside your establishment increases the likelihood you’ll be seen, and as such, the likelihood potential consumers enter your store. In fact, one study has shown that 76% of consumers were drawn inside because of their signage, and eight out of ten consumers actually purchased something because of a sign.
  • Save on printing and update your advertising quicker.
    Advertising and marketing move at rapid speeds. When you want to ensure your store stays relevant and on trend, printing can become costly and time intensive. By using digital signage, you can update on location instantly. Furthermore, the ability to standardise messaging and marketing materials across many stores through a centralised playbook can be very powerful.
  • Build on the in-store experience and relationship.
    Consumers want to feel valued. By personalising their experience or creating immersive brand experiences, you’re communicating their value to your brand. Consider placing digital signage around high dwell time areas of the store to entertain or upsell customers or to offer exclusive content.
  • Inform your consumers.
    Consumers today are more educated than ever before. Two in three consumers do not find the information they need in-store, with 43% then leaving frustrated. As such, 71% of in-store shoppers use smartphones for online research, strongly believing it is more important to their in-store experience. Digital signage can help guide consumers to more information. Interactive digital displays can point shoppers to a retailer’s website as they research product information. By aiding the consumer, you’re increasing the likelihood they return to the in-store experience you’ve created.
    It’s at the intersection of in life experiences with digital complements that most of us reside, and that wins over consumers. Here, retail can really grow, and where we think digital signage has the most potential.

    Digital signage has a multitude of uses; it’s about finding the right way to employ the tool for your needs. Learn more about our solutions and contact us to see how we might be able to help you.

Buzz Radar, London // Lifestyle commercial and office photography //

6 Reasons Digital Signage Wins For Internal Communications

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The appeal of digital signage for customers and external engagement is vast. It can increase foot traffic, point of sale purchases and overall brand sentiment.

But can it also benefit your business’ internal communications? Worldwide, only 13% of employees are engaged at work. That means that more likely than not this includes your team. And this matters because unengaged employees do not spread your message. Conversely, engaged employees improve productivity by 20-25%, putting potential revenue at about $1.3 trillion a year.

Improving your internal communications methods and channels can help build up morale and engagement. Communication has to start from within — and this is where digital signage can help you. Your team needs tools that can cut through the noise. Employees are already in near-constant communication with each other, whether it’s Facebook, Salesforce Chatter, Slack or WhatsApp. It behooves organisations to communicate in ways that are more natural for their employees: digitally. While you could stick with email, face-to-face meetings or an intranet, you run the risk of crucial information not being seen or heard. For example, intranet usage is at an all-time low: less than 13% of employees use theirs daily.

Currently, 50% of companies are already using the digital signage to enhance internal communications. Digital signage gives companies the ability to communicate seamlessly and interactively, integrating existing systems and platforms. Brands also have the option to incorporate more video, which can be more engaging and provide more education and details on complicated or sensitive issues.

The other perk of digital signage as an internal communications tool is that it can be used to highlight real-time content, like weather, data visualisations, news or even social media trends that employees might be checking on their laptops or phones otherwise.

There are six ways we believe digital signage for internal communications can help your business:

  1. Create a culture of listening.
    Showing what customers are saying in real-time has an immediate impact on how service is provided and for giving your team an instant pulse on what matters: your end consumer.

  2. Encourage employee feedback.
    50% of employees already post about their employer on social media. By incorporating social media and employee channels, like Yammer and Slack, you have the opportunity to highlight employee feedback and engagement. This turns traditional digital signage into a two-way communication platform.

  3. Boost employee engagement via transparency.
    Research ranked transparency as the single most important factor in engagement. Digital signage can help you share important metrics in real-time and be as transparent with your entire team as you can.

  4. Celebrate top performers.
    While bonuses might seem the natural route, praise from managers has been found to be the single most effective way to foster better performance. Digital signage gives your management a simple way to bolster recognition and praise.

  5. Get a better sense of competitors and the market overall.
    Competition is a natural motivator. Seeing how your brand’s competitors are faring can motivate your team. A high-level overview of both your competitors and the market lets your team see important milestones and metrics.

  6. Highlight key messaging from management.
    Memos get lost; emails go unread. When your team needs to know company wide announcements, digital signage can put it front and centre, ensuring it gets seen more effectively and adds weight to what’s shared.

Digital signage can add value externally and internally. It’s all about knowing how to use it. Our team is happy to guide you and your business to success with it. Learn more about Relay and how we can help here.

Buzz Radar, London // Lifestyle commercial and office photography //

Made You Look: The Rise of Digital Signage

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We’re often surrounded by screens; we’re even seeing them more in businesses and retail environments. From digital menus in restaurants to wayfinding kiosks in transport centers to digital billboards in airports, digital signage is becoming increasingly popular. But why?

Digital signage attracts attention — and it means consumers are more likely to pay attention. In fact, digital signage has a higher recall rate than any other traditional media. 83% of people can recall at least one ad seen on a digital billboard in the past 30 days. In addition, digital displays capture 400% more views than static ones. One restaurant even boasted a 50% increase in sales when switching to a digital menu. All this means more eyes and better brand recognition.

So, how exactly can your business use digital signage? It’s most commonly used to display messages and replace company memos. But it can also be used to share data to help reduce workload. You can update messaging easily and remotely, so everyone sees important info instantaneously. For example, our friends at STA use it to update fares and packages from their HQ and distribute to more than 200 stores globally. They are also able to incorporate engaging UGC. This year they plan go entirely paper poster free.

Integrating digital signage with real-time user generated content, like Twitter and Instagram posts, makes your content three times more engaging. This brings in trust from friends and people consumers know. This combination means that digital signage can influence purchase decisions and increase brand awareness. Eight of ten customers have entered a store because of a sign catching their interest.

What are some other applications? Digital signage can:

  1. Be a tool to interact with your customers.
  2. Provide information and entertainment while customers wait.
  3. Make environments more attracting and engaging.
  4. Display anything from UGC to ads to media to video to Twitter feeds.
  5. Reduce printing costs and time.
  6. Provide additional revenue from advertisers.
  7. Engage customers at the point of sale.
  8. Provide peer recommendation for products and brands at point of sale.

Digital signage can directly translate to sales. In fact, 80% of brands experienced a significant increase of up to 33% in additional sales by using digital signage.

The benefits of digital signage are pretty clear. With our Relay product, you can get your own digital messaging platform and give it a try. Learn more and get started here.