Reading Between The Lines With AI At Cannes Lions

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We have a special relationship with Cannes: five years ago, Buzz Radar launched at Cannes Lions. Since then, we’ve we’ve made an appearance each year at Cannes Lions. And with each appearance, we strive to surface what’s unique about that year. This year, we’re excited for what we’ll be bringing to the Festival of Creativity in honour of our fifth birthday.

This year, we are focusing on what it takes to win a Cannes Lions. What makes those that rise to the top different and what do they all have in common?

Using our brand new Cognitive Command Centre, powered by IBM Watson AI, we will be running deep real-time analysis on over half a million social posts and posting key insights on the Le Grand Screen to keep people “in the know” at the world’s largest creative festival. Tracking data from a variety of social sources, we will be able to read between the lines and uncover what people really think of Cannes, finding impactful stories that sit beneath the surface of the tsunami of information posted at Cannes Lions. This includes the personality traits of the average Cannes Lions winner.

On average, there are over 500,000 posts generated at Cannes Lions. It’d take a team of analysts a week to go through all the data and make sense of it all. But with AI we can surface a host of interesting insights. AI can learn from analysts and replicate those tasks in a quicker time frame. It also allows us to answer data questions in a similar way that a human analyst can but over a much larger data set, helping us to reveal deeper meanings behind that data. This brings the significance of creative minds in the world’s largest brands and agencies coming together to the forefront.

Partnering with Ogilvy, we’ll be displaying regular insight headlines on Le Grand Screen, alongside real-time social data. You’ll get a chance to see these insights and AI in action in real-time.

Want to learn more? There will also be a chance to interact with our team and our Cognitive Command Centre in the Clear Channel Playground on an 84″ Microsoft Surface Hub. Swing by and say hello, or book an appointment to get a one-on-one demo.

Tracking The Big Game – Falcons vs Patriots

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Yesterday, America hosted their Big Game, and what a game it was, with over a hundred million tuning in. Considering last year over 75% of brands integrated social into their advertising spots during the final, we knew this year would be abuzz with chatter.

With Patriots coming back from a record 25 points down, and Tom Brady throwing for his record 5th Vince Lombardi Trophy, viewership was at a high, and social conversation reflected it. There were over 26 million social mentions related to #SB51, nearly half a million photos shared and a reach of over 21 billion impressions. The top 3 peaks of conversation were the comeback touchdown in overtime, the end of the halftime show and Danny Amendola’s 2-point conversion to tie the game 28-28.

Budweiser along with other brands, plus Lady Gaga, took the legendary half-time slots. The former generating huge buzz with their immigration-themed ad, and the latter by jumping off the stadium roof to kick off the half-time show. However, with 479.9 million social impressions, Netflix’ “Stranger Things” ad generated the most for any ad on the night.

Here are some of the best performing posts from the evening:

Keep up with the fallout using our real-time dashboard below:


For more information on our Command Centres and to track your own data, take a free demo on us.

A Look Back At CES 2017

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From virtual reality headsets to self-driving technology, this year at CES 2017 thousands of exhibitors filled Las Vegas with their latest concepts and products. And we were excited to be a part as the Official Data Partner. CES brought paper thin TV’s, self-balancing motorcycles, enhanced VR and imaging and more. So, how did this look online?

Conversation exceeded that of last year, and Samsung topped the conversation overall. And not surprisingly, the audience skewed more toward innovation and authority-challenging. See all the data from behind the week below, and a big thanks to our partners CTA and Microsoft Surface!


Put Your Data In Action: Global Sporting Events & Social Data

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Global sporting events like the Olympics and World Cup are the most social events we have. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil broke records, with 116 million mentions — and Rio 2016 is expecting to break them again. With the Olympics fully underway, many brands are searching for viable ways to be a part of the conversation.

Currently, we’re working with several brands to help maximise the opportunities presented at the Olympics, but the best way to learn from a global event is to look at what’s worked in the past. So, we’re looking back to the winners of the World Cup to share how data can guide your brand.

During the 2014 World Cup, we tracked the online conversation throughout each game. Beats by Dre, adidas and Paddy Power were able to see the impact of their efforts at any point in the tournament. Beats by Dre came out as the second most mentioned brand during the World Cup, while adidas won the hashtag war, claiming more than 79% of branded hashtag conversations. This translated to direct sales for adidas. adidas reported a new record in football sales of €2 billion that year, with more than 8 million official jerseys, which is 1.5 million more than the last World Cup. Not surprisingly, their best-selling jersey was tournament champions Germany.

See how Twitter’s Live Studio was able to make the most of this moment here:

Then start optimising your data with us around the Olympics or any upcoming event.

Cannes Lions 2016: Shining A Light on Creativity (Infographic)

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The rosé has been drank. The awards taken home. The yachts returned. Cannes Lions 2016 has come to a close. Over 13,000 attendees descended upon the Riviera for a week long festival of creativity. As expected, the week garnered plenty of buzz, with an impromptu freestyle performance from Will Smith and Chris Martin, amongst other controversies, the discovery of 1 Sea being fake and VaynerMedia’s quite incredible party snafu. But it wasn’t just those that pulled the buzz. In an award ceremony dominated by agency creative, one of the more interesting moments was Google Labs London winning the coveted Grand Prix for Product Design for its work with Levi on the Jacquard.

Throughout the week, we tracked the conversation and major points to bring you the most important insights. And as seen with Jacquard, substance is what the crowd and industry are seeking. Compared to last year, Cannes Lions saw a 31% decrease in conversation but a 66% increase in reach with a move of more people looking for curated content (learn more on here with Mindshare). This culminates in an overall reduction of noise, but, ultimately, more eyes on what was coming out of the festival. And provides the pertinent key takeaway: it’s what you do that matters.

See all the data below, and start tracking your own creative work with us here.


cannes infog copy (1)


Cannes Lions 2016: Wednesday in Rewind

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Wednesday had it all. Gary Vaynerchuk apologised for a slip-up with a third party production company. Iggy Pop went shirtless on stage. The New York Times won a Grand Prix for their VR work, and the McWhopper garnered a win for Y&R; all while BBH New York reminds us that your Cannes Lions entry could feed 33 starving children with their new Gold Can campaign.

All this to say, the conversation and vibe here at Cannes Lions have been growing. A look at the data with our friends Ogilvy shows that yesterday saw 27,200 tweets and 3877 photos, with a reach of 625.5 million (an 8% growth over Tuesday). Celebrity power was in full force. Will Smith, Usher, Oliver Stone, Anna Wintour and Ryan Seacrest led the speaker conversation and then the most liked photo during the day involving John Cena.

Cannes here we come! 💋🍾👒 @johncena #canneslions #nationalselfieday

A photo posted by Nikki Bella (@thenikkibella) on

On the brand front, Facebook, PRETTYBIRD, Google, Unilever and Spotify took the lead, but WWE made a solid showing this year, coming in 10th for the most talked about brand of the day. We’ll be tracking the data as the festival winds down, but we’re sure the celebrations will continue. Keep up with it all below, and if you’re in Cannes, swing by the Clear Channel Playground at the Grand Hotel to say hi!


Cannes Lions 2016: Tuesday in Rewind

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With Monday behind us, Tuesday at Cannes Lions turned up. Will Smith and Chris Martin freestyled with iHeartRadio. Craig David made a surprise appearance. 84.Paris, Google, Dentsu, Forsman & Bodenfors, OMD, adam&eveDDB and Colenso BBDO took home Grand Prixes. And that turned to online traction.

There were 23,000 tweets and 3217 photos, that garnered a reach of 593.4 million. All that was a 37% growth in mentions from yesterday! Behind the official hashtag of #CannesLions, @OgilvyCannes was the second most used hashtag. Our friends there sure know how to generate content! Brands ruling the fete included Pepsi, Google and IDEO. Then, Will Smith, Anna Wintour and Usher dominated the speakers. With all the celebrations underway, it’s not surprising that the most liked image during the day reflected the winners from the stage:

We’ll be tracking the data as the festival winds down, but we’re sure the celebrations will continue. Keep up with it all below, and if you’re in Cannes, swing by the Clear Channel Playground at the Grand Hotel to say hi!


Cannes Lions: Monday In Rewind

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With Cannes Lions back in full swing, we’re tracking every mention and piece of data with our friends at Ogilvy & Mather. Over 15,000 delegates from around 100 countries attend the Festival, making it one of the largest gatherings of advertising and creative brands. A record 43,000 entries were submitted this past year, showcasing the strength of the awards program.

While the winners from Monday are still celebrating, we want to toast those who took the crown online. With 32,800 tweets and 4700 photos, the day saw a reach of 663.5M. The Product Design, Direct Lions and Radio Lions Awards all led the conversation. Then, our partners @Ogilvy were the most mentioned handle, with Blippar being the top brand of the day. On the speaker front, Brian Eno, Sir John Hegarty and Cindy Gallop proved to be top favorites. With Ogilvy providing solid insight from the panels and the speakers giving an inside window to the intersection of humanity and advertising, Monday showed that substance wins out in the end.

Stay tuned for more insights from Tuesday, or to keep up live, monitor our Visualisation Dashboard below.

If you’re in sunny Cannes, book a demo with us, or, if you can’t make it, sign up for our post-festival insights report.

The (Social) Power Of A Superhero

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Batman. Superman. Combine them and you get a pretty powerful social driver. Leading up its debut, “Batman v Superman” garnered over 180 million mentions. Comparing to other releases in the past year, it only trails “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

Despite critic despair over the film, fans flocked to the theater to see it and then took to the web to discuss. Batman v Superman earned $209 million domestically and $538 million globally its first week. While trailing Deadpool (which is now the highest grossing R-rated film) on earnings, it did surpass it socially. During that week, over 1.4 million mentions of the film were generated, compared to one million of Deadpool on its release week.

This data shows that superheroes drive serious conversation. There’s a mix of nostalgia and hope in all these films. And studios have taken note. Over the next couple of years, both DC and Marvel are set to release a series of films around numerous superheroes. And the choice of actor matters. Is Ben Affleck the best Batman? Will Hugh Jackman stay as Wolverine?

So, to celebrate this (and keep us all informed), we wanted to share this lovely infographic highlighting all the actors who have played which superhero over the years. We’ll be interested to see which ones resonate most with the crowds.

Massive Super Hero Star

Behind The Awards: The 88th Academy Awards

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Surrounding the Oscars this year, over 16M tweets were garnered, as well as 312k photos. Naturally, the conversation peaked at 11-12pm EST with 2.8M tweets as the final awards were presented. And those final awards followed an interesting trend.

Since we set up the topic 88% of all Best Actor chat was about Leo. Was the destination of the statuette ever in doubt? But before the big night, 86% of Best Actress chat was about Jennifer Lawrence. So if social media is anything to go by, it could easily have gone wrong for Leo again! America’s sweetheart keeps capturing attention.

Before the big night The Big Short was leading the social media pack with Spotlight in second till award night! Overall, Spotlight ended with 46&, The Revenant with 20% and the Room with 15% of the conversation. On the director front, Mad Max’s George Miller garnered 39% of the conversation and Spotlight’s Tom McCarthy at 30%.

Even after the awards, Jennifer Lawrence continued to dominate the conversation at 51%. But Best Actress winner Brie Larson came in close second with 23%. Cate Blanchett (17%) and Saoirse Ronan (6%) were other major winners.

On the actor front, Leo was all anyone talked about. Garnering 85% of the conversation, the question of whether this was finally his year was on everyone’s mind. Eddie Redmayne (10%) and Matt Damon (3%) were also popular.

A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

Outside the awards, Lady Gaga was a big hit, bringing an emotional performance from The Hunting Ground. Joe Biden also trended (who seemed to confuse everyone as to why he was there) with his intro and advocacy for ending rape culture. And while Chris Rock addressed the elephant in the room, #OscarsSoWhite kept trending. The Academy was hit hard socially for the lack of diversity — and the online dialogue showed it. But will it be enough to push the Academy to address the issue over the next year?