The Big Players At The Big Game: Super Bowl 50

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This year’s Super Bowl averaged 111.9 million viewers, making it the third most watched U.S. program ever. With a two star quarterbacks pitted against each other, and Cam’s trending dabbing already a meme, viewership was at a high, and social conversation showed it. The week leading up to and night of the big game garnerd over seven million mentions with 522,000 photos shared. At the peek of the conversation, over 156,501 tweets took place at 9pm EST, coinciding with the Pepsi Halftime show.

As with major events, major celebs got in on the conversation:

Interestingly, the most popular image around the night centered on Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum’s ad together:

Overall, the top hashtags were #SB50 at 38%, with #SuperBowl at 14% and #KeepPounding at 11%. On the brand front, Esurance was the clear winner at 66% of the conversation, largely centered on their giveaway. Behind them were Pepsi at 11% and LG at 8%.

Mountain Dew gave us puppymonkeybaby; Doritos took on childbirth in a, well, unique way; and Colgate reminded us of the value of water. While the Broncos may have won the title, the halftime show was the game stealer. Beyonce dropped a new song and announced a world tour, while collaborating flawlessly with Coldplay and Bruno Mars. In the end, Super Bowl 50 held something for everyone.

In Rewind: The Week That Was CES 2016

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Starting with a press preview of all things CES 2016 on January 5, CES provided us with four days of incredible, interactive and impressive technology. While automotive electronics was the major industry for the week, Intel was the brand online. Intel captured 28% of the conversation. We saw a major spike on Tuesday when CES 2016 officially kicked off, and then following behind that was the unveiling of the 3D printed Stormtrooper.

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A Look Back At CES Day Three

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CES is entering its last days, but the buzz is still growing! With over 176,000 mentions today, CES hit a huge milestone by garnering over one million mentions. Some of the notable highlights from today included CNN iReport as a major topic. Belkin’s giveaways also made a splash. Shaq was in attendance, and Engadget announced their Best of CES 2016. With one more day to go, CES is keeping attendees engaged!

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A Look Back At CES Day Two

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Halfway through CES, the buzz continues strong. With over 197,000 mentions, CES 2016 is keeping attendees talking. And today three brands really stood out: Intel, Samsung and Logitech captured 15% of the conversation.

Outside the brands, iJustine and Joey Graceffa hosted a live Twitter chat; FLO-Rida made an appearance; and Star Wars started trending when 3D Systems printed a life-size Stormtrooper.

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A Look Back at CES Day One

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With CES 2016 fully underway, the tech community is bustling! On the first day of CES, Conversation jumped 20% from yesterday. The major trend today was Audio/Video, in part due to Netflix’s announcement of #NetflixEverywhere and their global presence.

Nick Cannon held a live Twitter session; GM announced their 2017 Chevy Volt; Harrison Ford was sighted; and attendees were treated to immersive VR games. CES 2016 is only getting more exciting from now.

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Enjoy the show!

Kicking Off CES 2016: Press Day

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CES is gearing up! Today was the first day brands could start showing off what they have in store at CES’s Press Day. And of course, we were there to track down all the data!

CES is starting out strong with over 165,000 mentions today. And LG and Samsung were atop the list of brands creating that buzz. Check out the other highlights below — and stay tuned for the first official day of this incredible event!

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Enjoy the show!


The Big Unveil: Back At CES 2016

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We’re back at the world’s largest consumer tech event, CES! And this year, we’re ready to unveil some of our newest and favorite features.

This year, we’ve partnered with Consumer Technology Association (CTA) to power the official CES Social Media Command Center. We’ll be capturing and transforming all the real-time data emerging around CES 2016 into bold, engaging, insightful visualisations live on the showroom floor.

But that’s not all. We’ll combine the power of our platform with Microsoft Surface Hub, so attendees at CES will be able to engage live with data coming in real-time from CES and learn more.

“We’re really excited to be partnering with CES to visualise all this data and turn it into something meaningful and insightful,” said Patrick Charlton, Director and Co-founder of Buzz Radar. “Our platform combined with Microsoft’s Surface Hub creates the most advanced and interactive command centre ever. This is a window into how brands and agencies in the future will consume and gain insight into real-time data.”

If you’re at CES, swing by and see us at the LVCC, Booth GL-5A! If not, you can still follow along with us here. We’ll be sharing all the insights as they happen.

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Muscling Through: Rugby World Cup Pool Stages

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Over the past three weeks, the world has watched as the rugby elite took to the pitch to see who would come out as champion. As the Pool Stage has come to a close with 231 tries and 2020 points scored, we look back at what happened off the field.

The first three weeks of the Rugby World Cup has seen 3.6 million mentions, 292,000 photos and 693 videos. The biggest peak was at 448,000 mentions on the 19th as Japan upset South Africa in what many called the biggest rugby upset in history. Coming behind in the second largest spike was 321,500 mentions on October 3rd as England was forced out of the group stage and Japan sealed their second victory.

The conversation has been global, though most of it has been centered in the host country. England is leading the way with 633,000 mentions, followed by 307,800 mentions in the USA, 138,600 mentions in the Netherlands and 133,000 mentions in Japan. And what was in those conversations? Not surprisingly, the teams favored by the fans broke down similarly: England at 35%, Japan 26%, France 10%, Namibia 7%, and then Canada/South Africa/Argentina/Uruguay pretty equally at 5%. Among the sponsors, it was clear Dove was the leader, garnering 32% of the conversation. Their #ScrumTogether campaign is proving very successful. Behind them was O2 at 20% and then MasterCard at 12%.

And how is the Rugby World Cup’s own content performing? Their most successful posts and tweets (below) capture the emotion and teams’ progress to keep fans engaged:

With several more weeks of action still ahead, we’re excited to see how the Rugby World Cup grows and what resonates. Stay posted with us!

What’s Cooking Behind The Great British Bake Off

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As one of Britain’s most successful shows, The Great British Bake Off draw millions as the sixth competition came to a close. With 13.4 million viewers, this season of The Great British Bake Off broke records to become the most watched programme of the year. Featuring Nadiya Hussain, Ian Cumming and Tamal Ray as the finalists, the audience eagerly awaited who would be awarded victor.

But what did the social data reveal? Over the nine episodes, 1.5 million mentions, 148,000 photos and 839 videos were shared. And the show gained 72,000 Twitter followers and 112,000 new Facebook page likes. These peaked, naturally, during the final with 192,900 tweets, with the opening coming in second for most mentions at 184,690 tweets. Interestingly, the third week was the next most talked about episode, in which Paul received the first ever special commendation for his showstopper King of the Jungle. The bulk of the conversation was naturally centered in Great Britain, but it did extend substantially to the Netherlands and the US. While Nadiya was the audience favorite, Ian did lead the conversation throughout the season, garnering 18% of the mentions. Mat, Tamal and Nadiya came in closely together behind him, dominating 14%, 12.7% and 12.3% of the conversations respectively.*

Everyone got in on the action in the final, from the band Little Mix to Manchester United and Andy Murray. Overall, yesterday the show saw 193,000 mentions, 10,500 photos and 52 videos. With little surprise here, Nadiya was the clear social winner, earning 40% of convo, with Ian at 27% and Tamal at 14%.

Thanks for watching with us — we can’t wait for Season 7 to start baking!

*Data around contestant Paul was convoluted due to conversation around the presenter Paul Hollywood.

The Premier League 2015: The First Month

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The Premier League is underway! With the first month of the season under our belt, we want to see how the teams are doing off the pitch. Measuring from before the league kicked off, in the first month, over 18 million mentions and one million photos have been generated around it. Not surprisingly, the biggest peak was right before the league started on August 8th, with the next big peak as the transfer window closed and Manchester United’s now infamous struggle with David De Gea’s (non)transfer to Real Madrid. And where has this social action been happening? Largely in the UK and US.

What has the conversation been around? We break down the hot subjects by topic.
Jose Mourinho at 30%
Louis van Gaal at 23%
Arsene Wenger at 15%

Kit Sponsor adidas killing it at 85%
Shirt Sponsor Emirates dominates at 63%
Media Sponsor Sky Sports leads at 52%

We’ll be following the Premier League conversation all season long. And we want you to follow along with us here!