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Stay In The Know This CES 2017

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What new gadget is catching everyone’s eye? What brand is stealing the spotlight? For the fourth year, we’ve partnered with CES as their Official Data Partner to keep you in the know. We’ll be tracking every mention during the world’s largest convention and then bringing you the highlights daily.

If you’re at CES 2017, swing by one of our Social Media Command Center to see it all in action. We’ll be at the ARIA, Sands and LVCC North Hall (Booth GL-5A). Or you can follow along with us online here on our blog or on Twitter. Let us know what you’re loving at #CES2017 (and if you haven’t, sign up to nab one of our full reports after the show closes)!


The Full Rewind: What Happened at CES 2015

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Nick Cannon. Surprise fashion shows outside the Vegas Monorail. A driverless car coming from the Bay to meet attendees. Curved TV’s and tackling diversity in tech. CES had all this and more. It was incredible week — one we were honored to be a part of. As the official data partner, we were able to get a front row seat to what was truly resonating with attendees and fans outside the LV Convention Center. And we are here to share that with you. See what the data revealed and share your thoughts with us! What was your favorite part of CES?

Should We Engage? How Brands Should Approach Memorials & Tragedies

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Last week, the United States honored those lost in the most horrific act of terrorism ever seen by the nation. Social streams filled with people’s thoughts, remembrances, emotions and reflections on the tragic event. It was a somber day online for many, understandably, and a confusing day to be a community manager for brands in the United States. Brands struggled to find their voice in the midst of the reflections, grief and thoughts.

As brands try to be more human and connect on an emotional level, the debate on how brands should approach situations like the anniversary of 9/11 or tragedies like the Boston Marathon bombing continues on. More and more are falling on one side of the issue. On the 13th memorial of 9/11, a few influencers took to educating brands on how to better approach the situation.

What was their advice? Times like these are not times for branding or marketing. Unless your brand is involved or directly impacted by the situation, it’s best to let your community experience the grief without our input. If you do engage, keep logos and products out of the picture. Focus on your compassion and/or resources and ways for people to help the situation. If you do misstep, be quick to apologize and don’t fight the criticism, or you may follow this brand’s path.

It can be a tough time, as brands are comprised of people who are affected. But overall, most messaging during these terrible situations can come off as insensitive and promotional. And that’s the last thing your brand wants to do at a time like that. Silence can be golden.