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We’re tracking major events this summer so you can see how the Buzz Radar Real-time Dashboard is capturing analysing and visualising insights helping brands market in the moment.

  • Ongoing: The Premier League 2018-19 Season

See how Buzz Radar’s actionable insight
can drive ROI for your team

  • Benchmark your marketing performance in meaningful ways

    Measure the performance of your business across all your marketing channels beyond vanity metrics with real insight to see how to improve campaign after campagn. Learn more from your customers, gain valuable deep insights into your competitor and their activities

  • Visualise your insights to gain a bigger business impact

    All this data and insight is useless unless it’s easy to understand and act upon. Our unique real-time dashboard technology allows anyone to instantly understand real-time insights. With our easy to use dashboard builder you can build custom visualisations in moments that display social, web, paid media and sales data all in one easy place that tell the whole story.

  • Optimise paid & organic performance

    Use Tombot our AI powered paid media expert to optimise your organic and paid strategy. Get alerted to poorly performing campaigns before they waste money and get real-time alerts with to boost your best performing content to get the best results from your ad spend

  • Let insight come to you

    You and your team are really busy, we understand that so we’ve created Tombot to answer your questions and deliver insights directly to you via slack. Want to know the sentiment of your brands latest campaign compared to your competitors? Just ask and Tombot will find out for you in an instant and deliver the result to you in easy to understand actionable format.

Turn your marketing data into actionable insight in 10 minutes

Centralise your marketing data in one place and let our AI extract and visualise Insight to the whole team. Our platform is designed to make real-time cross-channel insight easy. Buzz Radar automatically integrates all of your marketing data so you spend less time in spreadsheets and more time acting on the right insights to drive ROI. Get started with a demo of our Command Centre today Becoming data-driven has never been so easy.

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"As soon I saw the platform I knew we had to have it."

Jeremy Waite - Chief Strategy Officer at IBM

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