Data doesn't have to be complicated.

Transform your data into powerful, meaningful and beautiful insights.

Reports - 0, Visualisations - 1.

With collaborative listening, get social insights quickly and easily.

Give your data soul.

Data is at the core of your brand's story. Understand it and then showcase it in real-time.


2015 Premier League Visualisation Dashboard

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"Buzz Radar’s real-time, animated visualisation of relevant social data is vital in keeping us close to our stakeholders on a wide range of issues. "

− Eric Anderson, BT

"Buzz Radar connects and acts like a bridge between the social platforms and the output you need. It is especially helpful for us when meeting with clients because if they don't have a solution, we now do. "

− David Boyd, Clear Channel

"One of the coolest, most practical pieces of tech at #CES2015."

− Wayne Alexander, The Social Media Show

"In my view, they do the best live data visualisations I've seen. "

− Joel Lunenfield VP, Global Brand Strategy at Twitter

Buzz Radar captures real-time data, providing collaborative, easy to understand, shareable insights in animated data visualisations. We make data simple, engaging and powerful — faster than anyone else.

Social Media Command Centre

Actionable Insights

Let your personalised data inform you and help your team create better strategies. We put all of your data in your hands faster than anyone else, enabling you to take action quicker, with more insights and with the largest picture possible.

A Collaborative System

The minute a report is printed or emailed, it dies on the page. Due to their nature, reports often struggle to be seen and read. We take data out of silos, giving your entire team a window into your consumers’ opinions so they are empowered to make better, faster decisions.

Beauty and Speed

The brain processes visual information at a rate 60,000 times faster than words, so we help you understand trends and alert you to crises in the fastest way possible with our data visualisations. Your team can quickly understand and engage with what’s most important.


Gain deeper insights about your brand with our brand solutions, including everything from Twitter, Instagram and Vine walls that engage your audience to full Social Command Centres that give your team that vital edge.


Tailor live data visualisations for your pitches, events, campaigns and overall client social monitoring with our agency-focused solutions. We help agencies provide the next generation of social services for their clients.


Connect with your audience. Capture and visualise all the conversation leading up to, during and post your big event with our solutions ranging from Twitter, Vine and Instagram Walls to full Event Command Centres.

  • Smart Twitter Wall
  • Word Cloud
  • Real-time Photo Gallery
  • Most Talked About
  • Share of Voice
  • Volume of Conversation Over Time
  • Live Key Stats
  • Global Heat Map
  • Most Effective Posts
  • Most Influential Voices
  • Most Viewed Youtube Videos
  • Full Screen Youtube Playout
  • Facebook Daily Health Monitor
  • Twitter Daily Health Monitor
  • G+ Daily Health Monitor
  • YouTube Daily Health Monitor

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