Make better
marketing decisions.

Connect and transform your marketing data
into easy-to-use AI-powered insights
for your whole organisation.

Your data needs to be accessible, intelligent and actionable.

Our next generation Command Centres do all that, in one place.

Business Intelligence

Command Centre

Visualise data as insights and make sense of what matters to your organisation.

  • Utilise AI powered cognitive insights
  • Create an effective data-driven strategy
  • Manage crises’ with live data intelligence
  • Maximise campaign and paid social reach
Business Intelligence


The all-in-one digital signage platform for streaming your content across multiple displays.

  • Add graphics, video and web content
  • Incorporate essential live social data
  • Customise, schedule and publish real-time
  • Stream to any display via HDMI WiFi player


Curiosity is like thirst: quench it and everyone perks up.

Build your dashboards, share them and enable your teams and clients to make smarter decisions, faster. Live visualisations give you complete transparency and control.


If everything feels comfortable, you’re not going fast enough.

Give your entire team a real-time window into consumer opinion, as it happens. People are talking right now; so listen, collaborate and react with confidence backed by data.


When you land it well, the crowd cheers.

Perception is everything. We’ll put your research, messaging and content in the best possible place and in the best possible shape: front, centre and beautiful.

The ability to incorporate Buzz Radar's highly engaging and analytical visualisations into our set up is hugely useful for both existing client work and new business.

Greg Brooks - Global Marketing Director, Mindshare

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Scoring The Premier League 2018

Catch all the action on and off the pitch of the Premier League with us! We’ll be tracking all the social buzz around the season. Zoom into any of the visualisations with a simple click.

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Buzz Radar Command Centres.

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