Making Social Insights Understandable for Company-wide Audiences

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Data-driven business

The average person makes 35,000 choices per day. If we factor in that most people spend seven hours per day sleeping and not making choices, that makes roughly 2,000 decisions per hour — or one decision every two seconds.

We crave simplicity.

This is why we’re drawn to visuals. In fact, if we visualise data, we process info 60,000 times faster. This is fewer choices.

We need a faster way to process information.

Data visualisations do that. Knowing what data to visualise is the key. Social insights can be overlooked, but it provides key data for your team. It’s breaking that data down into insights that move the needle that is the trick.

At Buzz Radar, we’ve spent the past six years refining our process so we can get our clients the data they need. Faster. In a way they can understand.

Seeing your data all together means you can make faster, more informed decisions. Knowing which social ads influence web traffic and sales data, which social posts increase clicks, which influencer tweeting about you drives traffic — all those pieces of data live in different engines. We bring them together. It’s only when you see them next to each other, you can start to get the big picture.

It’s a mistake to think that all companies are alike. The data that one brand needs to see isn’t the data that another needs to see. This is why you need to customise your visuals. Bring the data that is relevant to the forefront. Having to weed through the noise -even if it looks nice — doesn’t help your team’s limited attention and time.

Peruse our case studies. See how we’ve helped other brands. Or take our platform for a test drive. See the power of visualised, relevant data in the hands of your team.

How Our Psychometric AI Audience Analysis Works

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Who is listening to your brand? Who is your customer? At the core, marketing is about understanding your consumers and tailoring your content to engage them on a deeper level. Budweiser knows its audience is largely blue-collar workers, so each Super Bowl, they tailor their commercials with imagery that makes their customers feel known: farms, factories, rural America.

Those commercials would be less effective if Budweiser didn’t know their audience. Audience analysis allows you to understand which content topics and formats are interesting to your audience. You can use these insights for long-term content strategy and to better and more efficiently organize your content and marketing teams.

Consumers want content tailored to them. Personalisation is the future. 83% of executives are increasing their investments in personalisation. But do you know how to optimise it? Less than 40% of companies are using basic targeting. Learning how to optimise AI and personalisation is key to growing your audience and reaching your consumers. And we can help demystify it.

Great audience analysis will allow you to start your marketing strategy by building an effective content marketing funnel based on your audience’s interests. Every single content piece you put out is aligned with your audience’s interests and therefore successful in moving users towards conversion. When you know your audience, you can craft tailored content at each stage of the journey.

Brands traditionally have relied upon analysis of what users like online and similar brands. However, technology has greatly advanced, and we have the opportunity to dive deeper into our consumers’ real personalities. Using Watson’s AI Personality Analysis and our platform, we can take your user base and then aggregate and anonymise that data (always gotta be GDPR compliant!). The result isn’t a guess at who your customers are, but a list of the most common personality traits and what motivates your audience. We’re able to use your audience’s writing style, tone, and likes to create an accurate personality model of your base.

Audience Analysis of Formula E

You can see that the average consumer for Formula E is an Entrepreneur.

Audience Personality

That info in and of itself can revolutionise your marketing funnel. But we didn’t stop there. We’ve taken those insights and coupled it with our AI-powered content optimiser. We can then analyse your content and make real-time recommendations based on who your audience is.

AI Recommendations

For example, in the report above, we can see that content that is tweaked to be more direct, put Formula E out there more, and be more supportive would better resonate and convert the core audience. As Formula E adjusts their content, the AI recommendations adjust as well. So, you can see the fruit of your labors and know what’s working.

So, how does it work exactly? We partnered with IBM Watson AI engineers for the past three years to develop this program. By detecting the profiles of everyone who interacts with your brand and competitors, Audience Analyser automatically captures all the publicly available social data from those mentioning and following your target audience across social media. It psychometrically analyses millions of posts to create personality maps around 50 core traits based around OCEAN (Big 5) and Myers Briggs Models of personality. It analyses the personality of each individual and then assigns them to an audience segment that can be customised to your brand’s pre-existing persona or tribe categories. It does this all while staying compliant with GDPR through a process of aggregation and anonymisation. The result is incredibly accurate and detailed profiles of your audience’s personalities, simultaneously matched against the tone of your brand’s content. This process used to involve a three-month extensive research period. This puzzling and labyrinthine procedure can now be truncated into a single month of effort, saving huge amounts of resources for all parties involved, along with more accurate results.

Contact us to learn more.


Reading Between The Lines With AI At Cannes Lions

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We have a special relationship with Cannes: five years ago, Buzz Radar launched at Cannes Lions. Since then, we’ve we’ve made an appearance each year at Cannes Lions. And with each appearance, we strive to surface what’s unique about that year. This year, we’re excited for what we’ll be bringing to the Festival of Creativity in honour of our fifth birthday.

This year, we are focusing on what it takes to win a Cannes Lions. What makes those that rise to the top different and what do they all have in common?

Using our brand new Cognitive Command Centre, powered by IBM Watson AI, we will be running deep real-time analysis on over half a million social posts and posting key insights on the Le Grand Screen to keep people “in the know” at the world’s largest creative festival. Tracking data from a variety of social sources, we will be able to read between the lines and uncover what people really think of Cannes, finding impactful stories that sit beneath the surface of the tsunami of information posted at Cannes Lions. This includes the personality traits of the average Cannes Lions winner.

On average, there are over 500,000 posts generated at Cannes Lions. It’d take a team of analysts a week to go through all the data and make sense of it all. But with AI we can surface a host of interesting insights. AI can learn from analysts and replicate those tasks in a quicker time frame. It also allows us to answer data questions in a similar way that a human analyst can but over a much larger data set, helping us to reveal deeper meanings behind that data. This brings the significance of creative minds in the world’s largest brands and agencies coming together to the forefront.

Partnering with Ogilvy, we’ll be displaying regular insight headlines on Le Grand Screen, alongside real-time social data. You’ll get a chance to see these insights and AI in action in real-time.

Want to learn more? There will also be a chance to interact with our team and our Cognitive Command Centre in the Clear Channel Playground on an 84″ Microsoft Surface Hub. Swing by and say hello, or book an appointment to get a one-on-one demo.

We know what your customers are thinking. No, really.

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Data is hidden within many sources. That’s why our Command Centres are expanding beyond social to give you deeper insights. With our new updates, we can integrate more data sources into our platform to give you a comprehensive view of your business. But we’re not stopping there.

We’ve partnered with IBM to bring you next-generation cognitive insights from Watson. Your sentiment is now analysed with Watson’s AI API. Meaning you can understand how your social media followers feel about your products or brand.

And want to know more about those discussing your brand? That’s where Watson comes in. We’re now able to run all your data through Watson Personality Insights to really understand more about your audience. Personality Insights extracts personality characteristics based on how a person writes. This is great for creating detailed personality portraits of individual customers for highly-targeted segmentation, improving lead quality based on “like” personality characteristics, personalizing recommendations, matching personality types, and more.

personality insights in mac frame

From improving your experience visually to aggregating data and services that give you a better understanding, our goal is to make it easier for your team to truly be data-driven. Learn more about the science and methodology behind the tech here.

Give it a go and add it to your dashboard — then, let us know what you think!

If you haven’t tried Buzz Radar yet, take a free trial on us and let us know how you get on.

Our new platform: Better, faster, stronger and with cognitive insights.

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Inside organisations, data and insights are becoming more important than ever. Together with efficiently collecting and analysing data, the speed in which we communicate and present insights to decision makers is now a critical factor in success.

Improving this process has always been our no.1 mission, and we’re about to raise the stakes.

For the past year we’ve been burning the midnight oil working on a major update to our Insights Platform, which we are excited to launch this month. Through rigorous testing and feedback, we’ve combed every single element of our Platform to see where it could be improved.

Our charts now offer a more intuitive interface. You can dive deeper into your data for greater context, export in more formats than ever before and even annotate charts in-screen, either with the mouse cursor, fingertips or pentals (if you’re using touch screens) — all geared to increase engagement around your data.

Line Graph 2

We’ve invested greatly in navigation improvement to make things easier to find, access and amend. Starting with our “Data Settings” tab, you can jump directly to individual settings pages via an expansion menu from any page in our Insights Platform.

This focus extends to our Dashboard Builder too. You’ll now see two Visualisation Dashboard previews across the screen (or one for mobile devices), with the action buttons along the bottom. The ‘Launch’ button now opens the dashboard straight into HTML5 ready for any device — mobile, desktop or tablet.

launcher whats new page image V3

Have numerous Dashboards? One of our biggest new features is just for you then: Dashboard Launcher. The Dashboard Launcher enables you to collate a number of Dashboards into one quick-access one-click screen. This is available within our new Chrome App, or simply an in-browser link. You can build several different Launcher screens, great for distributing different sets of dashboards to different people in your value chain. It’ll ensure the right people are connecting with the right data, and all controlled from the cloud.

These are just a few of over 250 separate improvements we’ve made across our products.

So, the question is; What are you waiting for?

Take a free trial and let us know what you think, we’re always looking for feedback!

Tracking The Big Game – Falcons vs Patriots

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Yesterday, America hosted their Big Game, and what a game it was, with over a hundred million tuning in. Considering last year over 75% of brands integrated social into their advertising spots during the final, we knew this year would be abuzz with chatter.

With Patriots coming back from a record 25 points down, and Tom Brady throwing for his record 5th Vince Lombardi Trophy, viewership was at a high, and social conversation reflected it. There were over 26 million social mentions related to #SB51, nearly half a million photos shared and a reach of over 21 billion impressions. The top 3 peaks of conversation were the comeback touchdown in overtime, the end of the halftime show and Danny Amendola’s 2-point conversion to tie the game 28-28.

Budweiser along with other brands, plus Lady Gaga, took the legendary half-time slots. The former generating huge buzz with their immigration-themed ad, and the latter by jumping off the stadium roof to kick off the half-time show. However, with 479.9 million social impressions, Netflix’ “Stranger Things” ad generated the most for any ad on the night.

Here are some of the best performing posts from the evening:

Keep up with the fallout using our real-time dashboard below:


For more information on our Command Centres and to track your own data, take a free demo on us.

A Look Back At CES 2017

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From virtual reality headsets to self-driving technology, this year at CES 2017 thousands of exhibitors filled Las Vegas with their latest concepts and products. And we were excited to be a part as the Official Data Partner. CES brought paper thin TV’s, self-balancing motorcycles, enhanced VR and imaging and more. So, how did this look online?

Conversation exceeded that of last year, and Samsung topped the conversation overall. And not surprisingly, the audience skewed more toward innovation and authority-challenging. See all the data from behind the week below, and a big thanks to our partners CTA and Microsoft Surface!


Stay In The Know This CES 2017

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What new gadget is catching everyone’s eye? What brand is stealing the spotlight? For the fourth year, we’ve partnered with CES as their Official Data Partner to keep you in the know. We’ll be tracking every mention during the world’s largest convention and then bringing you the highlights daily.

If you’re at CES 2017, swing by one of our Social Media Command Center to see it all in action. We’ll be at the ARIA, Sands and LVCC North Hall (Booth GL-5A). Or you can follow along with us online here on our blog or on Twitter. Let us know what you’re loving at #CES2017 (and if you haven’t, sign up to nab one of our full reports after the show closes)!

How To Turn Your Data Into Insights

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We swim in a sea of data. How can you take your data and turn it into intelligence you can use?

There are two main types of data: structured and unstructured. Structured data follows a specified format and requires processing to produce. Aggregated numbers/data points are a great example of structured data. Conversely, unstructured data doesn’t follow a specified format, but this is the individual data behind your structured data. This is text, tweets, photos that provide context to your structured data. Structured data provides you with the what is happening, while unstructured provides the why.

Both are important for turning data into insights. Here we share our tips for turning both types of data into insights in various areas that impact your brand or client.

Get started by aggregating all your data in one place here.

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5 Reasons Your Brand Should Be Using UGC

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Most brands are readily incorporating digital into their marketing strategies. With that and the prevalence of social in our lives has come a rise in user-generated content. What is user-generated content (UGC)? User-generated content is content produced by the general public rather than by paid professionals and experts in any particular industry. In short, it’s any content or media created by users, including reviews to Instagram photos to tweets.

UGC is everywhere, and in the past few years, it is outpacing content created by companies. But what is the value of UGC, and why should you care about it? Some quick facts:

  1. 65% of social media users aged 18 to 24 consider information shared on social when making a purchasing decision.
  2. Consumers between the ages of 25 and 54 are the biggest content drivers—contributing 70% of all UGC.
  3. 84% of millennials say UGC on company sites has at least some influence on what they buy.
  4. 86% of millennials report that UGC is generally a good indicator of the quality of a brand or service.
  5. Brand engagements rise by 28% when consumers are exposed to both professional content and user-generated product video.

People like to share their experiences and thoughts. With social media being so pervasive, it’s happening on a much more public stage. So, when someone has a great experience with a brand, it’s posted online. The same holds true for negative experiences. Brands should be paying attention.

With the recent critique of review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp, UGC is increasingly becoming a way to validate positive reviews. 70% of consumers place peer recommendations and reviews above professionally written content. So, not only are you letting your fans help create the content, it is weighted stronger and more authentic as well. Consumers identify with real people and seek out authenticity with the brands they engage with. UGC is the solution. It’s participatory, organic and feels real. And that leads to results.

How are you showcasing your brand’s UGC? See how some of our clients are using Buzz Radar to engage in a more powerful way here.